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    My wife of almost 20 years (Jen) and I, along with our two sons, have lived in Basin, Wyoming for about three years now.  Supporting my boys in FFA, sports, & coaching is an honor & a joy. I like to spend as much time outside as possible. Whether hunting, camping, or just working outdoors, in God’s creation is where I feel most at peace.

    My family is my reason. My reason for setting a faithful, trusted example. My reason to always work at becoming a better man. And my reason to fight for the Conservative principles & freedoms that I have enjoyed in my lifetime.

    A veteran of the USNR, & graduate in Aviation Technology, I continued my Aviation career for over 25 years. As an Avionics Technician, Engineer, & Manager, I enjoyed all aspects of my career, from problem-solving, to flying & travel. Unfortunately, in 2020/21, in light of the widespread unconstitutional COVID restrictions & mandates, our family was faced with the harsh reality of the loss of my Aviation career or conceding my deepest principles of individual liberty. This, combined with the onslaught of liberal legislation in the completely compromised State of CO forced an abrupt end to my career & our family to become political refugees.

    We looked at several States before deciding to make the Great State of Wyoming our home. People that still value hard work & personal responsibility. Conservative communities that still embrace honesty, liberty, and have the chance to raise our children with the freedoms that so many have sacrificed to protect.

    I am running for this office because I believe the people of WY SD 20 deserve True Conservative Representation. I have seen firsthand, the results of Moderate Republicans continuously compromising away our rights & our hard-earned money. To say that the pervasive liberal agenda is not a threat to Wyoming is at best naive & at worst, dangerous. I truly believe that Wyoming is this Nation’s best hope for preserving our traditional family values, liberty, & the Conservative ideals we hold dear.

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