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Where does Tom stand on important issues?


This Nation was founded on the principle of self-governance, of which the Government’s primary role is to uphold the Constitution & protect citizen’s freedoms. We now have career politicians at both the State & Federal levels that perceive the government’s role as a “ruler” of the people. Because of this drastic shift in the principles of governing, our State & Federal governments have potentially become the greatest threat to our citizen's freedoms in our Nation’s history. We are living in dangerous times. Governments are trying to mandate every aspect of how we live our lives, from censorship of speech, school choice, healthcare, land rights, health freedom, Radical Environmentalism, Parental Rights, and even your right to free thought & public discourse. You are no longer allowed to question the mainstream media or government narratives. Whether labeled “disinformation” & removed from public view, or losing your career, children, and even your freedom for questioning vaccine safety, woke gender ideologies, or election integrity, make no mistake, our government agencies have been weaponized against the free-thinking Conservatives of this Nation.     With our Federal Government almost entirely compromised by corporate special interest and foreign influence, the last hope to civilly defend our personal freedoms rests solely on State & Local Governments. Whether it is digital currency (CBDC), Environmental Social Governance (ESG), media censorship, a potential Social Credit system, or any of the numerous control mechanisms our government looks to implement, we must go on the legislative offensive at the State level now. I believe that Wyoming is not only the greatest hope to retain liberty in this Nation, but will become a beacon of hope for Conservative, freedom-loving citizens across this country.     I am not a politician. I am not politically correct. I am a father hoping to prevent the hard times my children may face. I am a just Conservative man attempting to help right the ship in a world gone mad. And I promise to make defending our personal freedoms my primary agenda.


Wyoming Energy is literally the lifeblood of our Nation. Wyoming coal encompasses 1/3 of all US reserves, provides hundreds of millions in revenue, and contributes thousands of jobs statewide. With 90% of Wyoming’s energy being exported, we need to leverage these resources to become completely fiscally independent from the Federal Government. Wyoming should be making the decisions and reaping the benefits from our oil/gas/coal assets as they are the most reliable & economically efficient forms of energy on the planet. Instead, we have politicians touting this ridiculous “carbon-capture” venture. Why? Special interests & Federal dollars that’s why. Instead of standing up & defending Wyoming’s Energy Sector, our questionable politicians have decided to buy into the latest “green new deal”. Siding with radical environmentalists and special interests, they are pushing this “evil carbon” agenda, for the sole purpose of collecting more Federal Tax dollars.     Instead of selling out, we need to be defending our industries & pushing for increased leases, production, & restructuring of our mineral royalties. It has been proven, time & time again, during deep freezes across the country, during natural disasters, and throughout this Nation in our greatest times of need, coal/oil/gas have kept us alive. I will not pretend carbon has suddenly become this deadly enemy just because the Federal Government is giving away your tax money like a drunken sailor to anyone who entertains their latest “net-zero” environmental hoax. I’ve lived through the 80’s ozone layer hole that mysteriously fixed itself, Al Gore’s “global warming” that never happened, and I’m sure we’ll all make it through this carbon hoax. I promise to properly defend Wyoming’s Energy Industry without peddling some fictitious narrative & I assure you I won’t let them come after our cows for flatulating either 😊.


Traditional family values, personal responsibility, & morals are under attack like never before. I believe faith & family are the cornerstones of humanity. Living a principled life, honesty, accountability, & teaching your children this through example. Holding yourself to a higher standard & expecting the same from those around you. American exceptionalism. Wyoming exceptionalism.     The sole purpose of this woke liberal agenda we are facing in our schools, media, & employment is to strip humanity of our guiding principles & morals. To take away our independence, our strive for success & betterment. It is an attack on “the smallest minority on earth, the individual”.     We must fight back on all fronts. In our families & at our schools, to stomp out this victim mentality, this guilt ridden cancel culture that has become a virus on our society. End the “participation trophy” culture, and encourage hard work, personal responsibility & honor in our youth. Speak up and make it known that you do not need to accept ideas & lifestyles that you do not agree with. That is not hate, that is moral integrity. Whether the woke ideology is pushing their acceptance that transgender is the norm, obesity is healthy, gender dysphoria in our youth, or any of the countless outrageous narratives from the extreme left, you are Not required to accept them. And let it be known. In our State legislature, we must define the biological fact that male & female are the only legitimate genders. You cannot choose your gender any more than you can choose your genealogy. Pass legislation to defund any entity pushing these woke ideologies. Criminal charges against so called ‘medical professionals’ in Wyoming pushing their hormone therapy, transitioning & medical mutilation of children. Protect the sanctity of women. Men and women are scientifically distinct. Women are unique & their femininity should be protected, not exploited by delusional males in an attempt to succeed in women’s sports, live in a sorority, or for any other disturbing reason.     Consenting adults are allowed to believe in any fantasy they choose. This is freedom. They are not allowed to corrupt children, utilize public funds for their delusions, and we are certainly not required to accept this woke ideology.


Protect the American Dream     Our Tax burden is crippling to the average citizen in this country. Whether it’s the biased IRS that has been politicized & weaponized against conservative Americans, the ever-increasing fees, or the rapid & massive increases in property taxes, Wyomingites are being devastated financially. I fully support the current Peoples Initiative to Limit Property Taxes & would support additional legislation limiting or completely abolishing property taxes. Between proper mineral royalties, sales taxes, usage fees, & obvious funding cuts that could be made if our State audited its budget more regularly than every 30 years, we would have no issue funding our public-school systems, which is the #1 false reason given when our liberal legislators vote against every single tax relief bill. We need legitimate property tax legislation Now.


You won’t find a candidate that will defend our Constitutional Right to Keep & Bear Arms more. This not only applies to firearms, ammunition, all accessories, but also firearms purchase privacy. I have been around firearms my entire life, a life-long hunter, CCW, & tactically trained, I believe it is essential to pass down knowledge, understanding, & safety of firearms to generations to come. Our government would love to condition younger generations to subscribe to the idea that only military & law enforcement should have firearms, or that firearms are only needed for hunting. Youth familiarization of firearms is crucial to maintain a free society. Not only for education & safety, but also to stop the false narrative that firearms are a contributing factor in today’s violence. They are not. Evil & ignorance is the root cause of most of today’s violence, & I would even question to what extent societies moral degradation & even psychiatric pharmaceuticals have played a role. The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun -and that is an absolute fact.      The Second Amendment is not about hunting/sport. It is about our citizens’ right to bear arms in defense of their family, person, & country, against threats foreign & domestic. I will adamantly fight against all restrictions that look to further erode our 2nd Amendment rights, fight to over-turn all restrictions on firearm types, and repeal every “gun-free” zone.


I support basic funding for a public school system that reflects Wyoming’s traditional values. I do not support a leftist social engineering program and I certainly do not support any funding for higher education, especially when their primary focus appears to be more of a liberal conditioning camp for a woke agenda than institutions for learning. If an amendment to the Wyoming Constitution is needed to defund these institutions, so be it. College tuition is at an all-time high. Does that mean it should be subsidized by your tax dollars? NO. Not only are they wasting tax dollars, but our society has also been conditioned to believe that no one has a chance in the work force without a college degree. Also, Wrong. We need to completely change the narrative & approach to higher education. For too long society has held the belief that a successful career starts with a college degree, why not a trade school, or apprenticeship? I personally know a lot more Blue-Collar workers making substantially more income than their college educated counterparts. And personally, to me, they are much more meaningful jobs. Plumbers, HVAC, mechanics, ranchers, & electricians, do they get a subsidized education? No. If we change the narrative on higher education, and defund this wasteful enterprise, these institutions will be forced to play by the basic economic rules of supply & demand. The only thing accomplished in funding these wasteful institutions; is they get 4+ years to brainwash our youth with their liberal agenda. Is that what you want?     Speaking of the liberal agenda in higher education, it is now slowly making its way into our public-school systems, and it’s disturbing. From questionable reading materials, to what most would consider down-right porn assigned to high school children. This LGBDTQ… acceptance agenda has infiltrated even our public-school systems, and it is unacceptable. I worry that with the steady flow of Federal money into this State’s education, eventually those strings attached to the dollars will demand these topics be taught as a standard curriculum. They want to teach our kids questionable ethics, conformity not individualism, acceptance of socialism, & weakness as a positive attribute. Our children’s morals, & the traditional values we have taught them are being threatened.  It Must Stop. I promise, if elected, to fight tirelessly for our children. They are our life, & our future.


What we are currently facing at our Nation’s border is not an immigration issue, it is a foreign invasion of the United States.     This should not be a State issue. Unfortunately, with the lack of a coherent Federal Immigration Policy, and zero federal enforcement of our current laws, it has become one. We are a sovereign Nation with borders & laws protecting our citizens. The current influx of illegal aliens poses not only an extreme burden on our nation’s infrastructure, but also presents a very real threat to our security & safety as potential terrorists from around the world flood across our borders. I even question the underlying intent of the current administration to radically change the entire demographics of this country for the sole purpose of increasing their voter base & allowing these illegal immigrants to vote in States with zero election integrity.     Wyoming must be at the forefront in pushing back against the Federal Government blatantly allowing this invasion and I will support any legislation to help thwart this attack & assist our border States in the security of our Nation.


I believe unquestionably that life begins at conception, & I will support all legislation that supports the sanctity of life. I fully support SF109 – Prohibiting Chemical Abortions & HB 152 – Life is a Human Right Act. Unfortunately, we now have so called Conservatives & Judges in Wyoming pushing back against recently passed bills that protect the rights of unborn souls. Not only do we need to ensure that these recently passed bills are not weakened or overturned, but we need to change the complete narrative on abortion. It is not “healthcare” & it is not a “choice”. It is a life, and it is sacred. We need to cut the red-tape from the adoption process, as there are thousands of couples looking to provide a nurturing family. As a society we need to start supporting expecting mothers with options for private assistance & raise our sons with a sense of honor and personal responsibility required as men & as Fathers. It is up to humanity, families, neighbors, & friends to change the conversation & the acceptable perception of abortion. Defending the unborn should be our priority, our commitment & our duty.


Election security & integrity is paramount in a free society. The last several years have been a frightening display of tyranny from our government. A witch hunt & slander, thrown at anyone who even questions the outcome of our elections. Almost zero investigations into claims of widespread voter fraud & questionable electronic voting. The liberal mainstream media’s creation of the “election denier” label is only meant as degradation toward anyone who dare question the legitimacy of our obviously problematic election system in many States. I fully supported the legislation to end crossover voting, as well as all of the Wyoming Secretary of State’s efforts to ensure transparent, & accurate elections.


I am committed to protecting Wyoming's farming & ranching community. Recently proposed property tax legislation & initiatives do not go far enough in protecting our private agricultural lands. We cannot be fooled by the promise of lower property taxes when most of the recent legislation only entails tax breaks for residential property/structures, & completely ignore agricultural property taxes. Some of this legislation even proposes a sales tax increase, which escalates the cost of equipment & materials, essentially raising the overall tax burden for our farmers & ranchers. We need comprehensive property tax reform that encompasses all Wyoming lands & corresponding budget cuts to prevent any other tax increases. We also need to ensure our Land use issues are properly addressed. Preventing foreign entities from buying up Wyoming lands and making certain that these federal land use programs cease in Wyoming. Comittments to youth development in our Ag industries, deregulation, & protecting property rights are just a few of the issues I fully support in protecting Wyoming's Agriculture industry. It is not only a $2B industry for our State, but it is our families & neighbors that are feeding Wyoming and America, & they deserve our full dedication.

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